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My Bear Archery Adventure

Good Preparation and a Good Hunt Helped Me Overcome a Lifelong Fear of Bears

As the sun rises earlier and sets later, the temperatures climb above zero, and the winter landscape gives way to spring, many animals are preparing to wake up from hibernation. Some, like the bears, have internal clocks letting them know when to go into hibernation and when to emerge from their dens to search for food.

Growing up, I was terrified of bears. I always believed them to be unpredictable and liable to strike without warning, which was how they attacked in my nightmares. And so, in the spring of 2019, I had to dig deep, find the courage, and educate myself to take on my first-ever bear hunt.

This was about so much more than pursuing a bear. I knew that if I could successfully overcome my long- standing terror, I could pull strength from the hunt to work through other challenges in my life. This included caring for a chronically ill family member which had left me feeling helpless. To really confront my fears, I decided to hunt with a bow rather than a gun. With a rifle, you can harvest your quarry from more than 100 yards away. With a bow, the bear would need to be within 20 yards.

There was plenty of work to do to get ready. In 2018, I purchased my first bow, a Hoyt Power Max, and I paired it with Victory Vap 166 Gamer arrows. I dedicated countless weeks practicing and preparing for different shooting situations. I paid particular attention to mental toughness—ignoring distractions, calming my nerves, staying focused. I reviewed the Alberta Guide to Hunting Regulations regarding black bear hunts. I talked to other hunters about their experiences. I downloaded numerous online videos and listened to podcasts, preparing for the spring bear I hoped to harvest.

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