Palmina Outdoors ABOUT Lisa is a dedicated advocate for conservation and ethical, sustainable hunting and angling. Her mission is to educate and empower individuals to discover the joy and confidence an outdoor lifestyle can bring. Through her efforts, she creates a safe and inclusive space for learning and growth.

"Inspired by my commitment to sustainability, I hold a deep appreciation for the regulations that grant me access to nature's blessings. I am dedicated to continually improving my skills and knowledge, allowing me to engage fully with the utmost ethical standards. My ongoing objective is to add value to Canada's angling and hunting community by inspiring others to have fun, boost their confidence, and evolve into conscientious outdoor enthusiasts." – Lisa Roper


“I’ve gained invaluable lessons from my outdoor hunting and fishing adventures, far beyond the harvest or catch.

Being outdoors has instilled in me the virtue of patience; nature doesn’t rush, and I’ve had to learn this the hard way. Embracing patience and persistence while waiting for the perfect moment has translated into greater success in achieving my goals.

Moreover, the outdoors has been a profound teacher of trust and faith. Trusting in my beliefs, my instincts, my knowledge, and the people around me have been essential. Pushing my boundaries during these adventures has kindled a deep sense of self-belief.

In the embrace of the outdoors, I’ve discovered grace. It’s a forgiving and non-judgmental environment where I can simply be myself and grow at my own pace.

The wilderness has refined my ability to stay focused, follow the course, and persevere. Countless hours waiting for my target animal or personal best fish has taught me not to surrender, even when plans go awry. Instead, I’ve learned to refocus, find stillness, take a deep breath, and press on.

Strength, too, has emerged from my outdoor experiences. On the coldest, most difficult and exhausting days, I’ve taped into a reservoir of inner strength I never knew existed.

There’s an abundance of wisdom in the wilderness waiting to be absorbed. Embracing and respecting these lessons is a gift like no other.” – Lisa Roper


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"Lisa is outstanding to work with. She is professional, collaborative, and a great team-player. Lisa is focused on her mission of teaching as many people as possible about her lifestyle. She is refreshingly positive and extremely respectful. Lisa gets the job done, and makes sure everyone has fun while doing it. I would highly recommend Lisa as a teammate and as a leader."
Gabrielle Owen , Marketing Manager – Jiffy Ice Drills
"Lisa writes adventure stories for our 4 magazines at Outdoor Specialty Media Group. She has a great ability to help readers see the world through her eyes, and her passion for the work she does is very palpable. She is a pleasure to work with and a terrific person."
William Brod Publisher/CEO
"We invited Lisa to our lodge in 2020 and we had a blast with her. We were impressed with not only her knowledge about fishing, but also with her genuine respect for the fish and her dedication to know more. Rain or shine, wind or calm, Lisa was always ready for an adventure, and adventures we had! She’s the real deal."
Brendon Jacobs , Owner, Wilderness Family Outfitters
"I was fortunate enough to meet Lisa Roper at one of the outdoor boat and sportsmen exhibitions. We were both guest speakers at the event. After meeting her and having a good visit I knew right away we had so many common interests obviously for the outdoors and hunting but more about our approach as pro staffers and celebrities towards the industry. Lisa is very conscious and loves the outdoors with a passion but more importantly wants to share her adventures with her audience, especially young women. Lisa will not compromise her personal integrity in order to gain views or likes. She’s a real pro!"
Rob Dunham , Outdoor television host and executive producer of Moment of Impact and Magnum TV
"Lisa presents herself with professionalism in every situation both on and off the water. However, I will say the thing that I admire most about Lisa is her commitment to handling her fish/game with the utmost respect. She’s a role model for conservation and ethical behaviour in the outdoors."
Jessica Pallister-Dew , Marketing Manager – Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Ltd.
"Lisa has an infectious passion for the outdoors. She has shown to be an inspirational representative of the outdoors for all levels of Hunting and Fishing. Lisa’s success and dedication to hunting and fishing has been nothing short of amazing. It will only take a few moments speaking with her to realize that her instincts for the sport are outstanding."
Stephen Gagne , Assistant Store Manager – Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World
"Alberta Conservation Association is proud to be working with Lisa Roper on several initiatives. She has always answered our call for advice and memorable media that continues our mission of conservation education outreach. From podcasts to magazine articles to social media support, Lisa champions hunting and angling in Alberta. Don't let the pro-staff badges fool you—Lisa is as down to earth as they get and 100% dedicated to helping create outdoor adventures for everyone."
Don Myhre , Communications Manager, ACA | Sherwood Park
"There are few people in the outdoor industry that really walk the talk but Lisa is one of them. When Lisa says, “I’m going to do this” , she does it 100% or she doesn’t do it at all. From teaching new hunters the basics of the outdoor life to spending time in the field with veterans, she welcomes everyone with open arms. Her humble attitude and approachable demeanor makes her a heavy hitter in the outdoor industry. Women are fast becoming outdoor leaders thanks to women like Lisa. If you ever see her out and about don’t be scared to say hello she’s always up for a conversation and a good laugh."
Scott Clark
"To say Lisa is a hard worker is an incredible understatement! She uses her knowledge to create the best possible experience for everyone! She has been a mentor and has taken the time to help anyone who asks of her. She is a steward for women in outdoor sports like hunting and fishing. Her hard work and determination are paving the way for many outdoorswomen, and it shows us all that anything is possible. We can be confident in ourselves and our crafts and achieve anything if we put our minds, skills, and hearts into it. I am proud to call her a mentor, a teammate, and an all-around great person and friend to many!!"
Tasha Eaglesham
“ She is very knowledgeable, passionate and a true advocate for sustainable hunting and fishing!! ”
Vic Toutant
" She is a professional hunter so she deserves her place to teach people what is the best for them to take from the fantastic bass pro. Mr. Elzobidi Hamza "
Abo Saif

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